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Freelance copywriting | Dedicated work for clients

Copywriting – each piece of copy I produce for a client is original.  The brief given is unique to the business and designed to achieve a specific objective.

You need to be confident that I can produce the results.  Below is a list of recently completed projects and that gives an idea of the great variety of work I undertake.

Confidence comes from sensible pricing.  Tell me what your project is and I will give you a fixed price.  The price stays regardless of hours taken or revisions required.

… some completed copywriting projects


Accountants                                            Editorial articles, web site updates

Aero industry                                          8pp Brochure for airframe manufacturer

Agricultural Show                                  Press advertisements, press releases and editorial articles

Attraction                                                    2 x 200 page web sites

Business Group                                       Press releases

Business Transfer agents                    Web site, Copywriting manual

Care Home                                             Press releases

Care in the Home                                   New brochure

Care product                                          Web site and launch PR

Cast Stone Co.                                        Web site, sales letters, press releases, editorials

Charitable Trust                                     Press release

Church                                                    Appeal letters

Cleaning Company                                 Main sales letter for tenders

Conflict therapist                                    Web site launch & continuous upgrading

Cookery School                                      Web site copy and content upgrade

Cosmetics                                                                Web site

Craft centre                                            Corporate brochure, press releases

Cycle Company                                      New scheme brochure

Defence company                                    8pp International brochure for specialist supplier

Dental Practices                                      Press advertisements, Press releases and editorial articles, web sites

Design Group                                          100 strap lines for solicitors marketing campaign

Digital Agency                                        Web site, blogs, mail shots

Education                                                                Mail shot letter

Electrician                                               Power surge press release

Engineering                                             new water utilities product 54 page user manual

Engineering                                             4pp Brochure and PowerPoint presentation for new defence product

Engineering                                             4pp Brochure and PowerPoint presentation for new water product

Engineering                                             Condensed 30 brochures into one global brochure for pump manufacturer

Estate Agents                                          Copy for new web site

Exhibition                                               Slogans, brochure, etc

Farming                                                  Planning Submission document

Flower shop                                            New web site

Gift Company                                         Web site copy upgrade

Ground works                                         Copy and content for new web site

Heating                                   “`            New web site

Hypnotherapist                                       Treatment sales letters, press releases

IFA                                                          Web site

Industrial rock conveyors                       New corporate brochure

Interior Design                                        80 strap lines

International Vacation Club                  16 web sites

Jeweller                                                   e-commerce web site

Kinesiologist                                            New brochure

Loft converter                                        Editorial article

Marketing Agency                                 Copy and content for new web site

Office Equipment                                    Corporate brochure

Painter & decorator                                               Web site

Patisserie                                                 New web site, company profile

Personal Injury                                       New web site

Planning Surveyors                                                Press releases

Plumber                                                  Editorial articles

Rental agency                                         Web copy upgrade

Residential Care Home                           New brochure

Roofer                                                     Web site pages

Security company                                   Copy and content for new web site

SEO Agency                                            web site page copy

Shellfish                                                   New web site

Shipping agents                                       Copy and content for new web site

Sign Maker                                             New web site, blogs articles, social media

Small hotel                                              Web site & brochure

Social service organisation                     Brochure editing etc

Solar Heating                                         Brochure, flyers, web site

Solicitor                                                  Brochure and web site

Tailor                                                      Series of sales letters

Teak furniture                                        Mail shots, adverts

Thatching Advisory Service                   Web site

Town guide                                             20 page web site

Video email company                             Copy and content for new web site

Village Hall                                             Web site

Wedding exhibition                                 Web site copy

Yacht Agency & Chandler’s                   New web site


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