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  1. Welcome to inspired graphic design for smart businesses.
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Businesses with successful marketing have an edge in their promotion. Like creative graphic design solutions for logos, stationery or literature, to corporate image, websites and the Internet.  Our edge is our reputation for powerful visual identity with modern graphic imagery giving businesses the upper hand – we would like it to be yours.  We love it when our graphic designs come to life and you start to benefit.


So why SugarFix?    Sugar gives energy, fun- a get up and go attitude.  Vibrant, unique, attention-grabbing graphic design – for lasting impact either on-line or on-paper.  Look upon them as bespoke works of art.   Colours, graphics and images are in our DNA.  Add a sprinkling of fun, which makes customers say – yes.  Colour and design is the Fix bit in our branding.  It is how we will fuel your brand and business.


Graphic talk

Great graphics talk….do yours just say goodbye !!!   Some of our clients say our graphic designs have attitude.  We call it personality.  It’s how we give business a character, individuality and qualities.  We give your brand a voice.  Colourful designs each visually exciting.  It’s what people notice.


We take care of all your graphic design needs.   Look through our portfolio page (link to page) and see how we help businesses.   Equally, take a tour through our website to see our full range of design and print services. (link to page)   Moreover, we completed all this work at an affordable price.


Snap up a business bundle

Just look at our Small Business bundles.  All ready for the start up.  Our bespoke business bundles contain all the essentials – logos, cards, leaflets display and web site.  We understand the excitement and stress that starting a business brings.   You know the saying – ‘watch the pennies and the £’s look after themselves’.  We watch the pennies like a hawk making our Business Bundles valuable.  Exactly what you need when starting up.  After all bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of other mail.  Smaller bills make it trouble-free.


SugarFix Creative briefly – top quality creative graphic design and value for money.

A one-stop shop for business promotion.


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It all starts with an informal chat.  Pop in or call us on 01803 226740.  Perhaps email us with a click here (link to contact page)



There is no time like the present, right now, to get started on your dreams and goals. Move your business to the next level; contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Hear how inspired design for print or a stunning website will achieve the results you deserve.  Start here with a click ( link to contact page)