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Sites and selling through web site copy

Today, most companies need a website for a variety off reasons:

  • Image and credibility
  • Information
  • E-commerce
  • Continuous marketing 24 / 7
  • Global market
  • Marketing and advertising cost-effectiveness


You may already have a web site. But are you receiving the full benefit of its power.

Just consider –

  1. Has your web site been effectively optimised with the best keywords or key phrases?
  2. It takes a reader less that 1 second whether to use you company.  Are you losing potential customers?
  3. Is your copy persuasive and does it inform the customer?

Think about these facts – 

Fact – A survey by Microsoft has revealed that British SME’s are wasting an estimated £3bn on websites that are almost invisible to the search engines. Search engine marketing includes optimisation and that involves COPYWRITING. I can upgrade your site to improve visibility and make it easier for your web designer or SEO to work.

Fact – Visitors to you site do not read the pages – they scan them for pieces of instant information. They decide that either your company is right or wrong for them in milliseconds.

Fact – Your future is a click away from success or failure. You avoid failure by employing the skills that I bring to writing the copy content for your website. Website copy is different to print copy. It may seem the same when you read it but the composition is different. This is the skill I bring to your website copy.

Finally –

I take into account all these aspects when writing web copy.  Plus there are a host of others as well.  I provide up to 2 drafts of the copy before the final version.  I also provide all the keywords and key-phrases plus the Meta data.

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