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A skilled freelance copywriter creates professional press ads

By using you will share these benefits:

  1. Effective advertisements
  2. Impact creation
  3. Save time
  4. Avoid effort
  5. Boost business
  6. Be successful
  7. Make money
  8. Make work easier
  9. Save media cost

You cannot afford to shun the 9 reasons above. Your competitors know how important they are.

  • As a freelance copywriter I produce powerful, persuasive press advertisements.
  • The creative treatment will characterize your business.
  • They speak directly to a customer with all the benefits.
  • The hidden persuaders convert interest into sales.
  • Recoup he fees of a freelance copywriter from increased sale.


Press advertisements are the most usual method directly influencing your clients. It is crucial to craft them effectively. Press advertisements need to concentrate on benefits for the reader. As an independent copywriter I cut out the waffle and make the points quickly, powerfully and persuasively. Result – sales and cost-effective advertisements.

professionally written press advertisement will present your product, service or organisation in a format so customers will read and remember. It will contain the emotive words that start to persuade readers to buy. Hidden triggers complete the closure.

Every press ad, regardless of media, talks directly to a prospective customer.

As a freelance copywriter there are mainly 2 types of press advertisements. Every business, large or small, including yours will come into one of these categories

  • Corporate advertising
  • Product / service advertising

Corporate advertising

My freelance writing will improve the view your customers take about your company. But it could be that this needs changing. As a freelance copywriter I am not influenced by  corporate policies or internal politics.

Product / service advertisements

You see them every day. But how many do you remember? This is the solution that I provide to clients for their business. This is why my ads expertly written continuously produce results.

These ads must be memorable. Combining creative words and clever design will achieve this. The copy must tell the reader about the benefits to them. Without this feature the ad will flop.

Send me an e-mail, with an enquiry and I will tell you immediately how I will approach your sales.

So what’s it to be?

A creative, professionally written press advertisement will save you time. Time costs money so compare my freelance fees for achieving success with your own rate for driving your business.

Remember that if you are writing your own copy you are not driving your business.

Strategically oriented copywriting, based on a sound, persuasive composition, helps you make the most of your investment in advertising and marketing. And that’s what allyour marketing communication should do.

I will add real value. As a freelance copywriter, I promise you high-quality copy, delivered on time, on budget and on message.

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