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Good copywriting | The 4 secrets

  • Brevity
  • Information and interest
  • Persuasion
  • Action

A freelance copywriter that brings a winning formula and success

  • As a freelance copywriter I look into your product from outside the box and highlight features which you may never have realised were important.
  • I present your business with creative, punchy copy which a customer enjoys reading.  I inject persuasion.
  • As a freelance copywriter this is my skill and creativity.
  • The copy I produce talks to the readers not at them.
  • It explains the need for your product or service by clearly showing the benefits.
  • I avoid clever headlines or obscure messages.


Effective and economic copy needs targeting.  You set the objective.  My independent copywriting will hit the spot.  One of my clients increased business by a massive 1100%.I have been producing copy for over 30 years in Devon, as a freelance copywriter.   I originate copy for all sizes of business. My clients are national and international businesses.  I work with every size of business from single traders to multi-nationals.

I provide arresting, heavyweight advertisement headlines to capture a customer’s interest and ambition. I produce technical, industrial or consumer brochures for national and international companies that present them in the most attractive way.  I create informative leaflets or flyers that tell and show.  I produce press stories that editors like and publish.  Monthly I produce professional articles for a client.

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