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July 10, 2015 @ 8:49 am
posted by Mike

How to transform your copy.

One of the tricks a professional copywriter uses.


You know how it is, your web site or brochure needs to updating.  The design and geeky bits are Ok – you give these to your specialists.  It all worked last time so it will be OK this time.


When it comes to the copy, your heart drops.  Last time it took you weeks of work to produce the copy.  The designers and web guys constantly hassled you.  Then on reflection, you wonder did it work?  Did you get what you expected?  Or was it all a bit disappointing?


Now consider a simple trick that copywriters use.  However, please bear in mind it’s a secret between us.  Call it the “So what test”.


If you wrote your copy, you probably fell into the natural trap.  It’s the common theme and fault seen everywhere.  You talk about yourself and not what you can do for the customer.  It’s probably the most devastating mistake made by marketers, writing copy, throughout the world.


This is where the “So what test”  makes the difference.  Presumably, you are trying to get customers.  However, the customer could not care a fig about you.  What they want is a service or product that solves their problem.


As an example, take Dropbox.  Many of us know about this software and possibly use it.

Let’s say  for a headline – Dropbox stores files in the cloud.


Now ask the question – So what?

Does the statement tell you how it can benefit you?  Do you see how you can use?

What we have learnt from various sources is that Dropbox provides storage accessible from any device and by anybody given permission to do so.


Let’s put all this into a short sentence.

Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced and easy to share.


Suddenly the penny drops.  It’s not a light bulb moment.  You understand what Dropbox can do for you.  Now you are hooked into finding out more.


There you have it a simple way to make copy suitable.  Keep asking the question “So what” and the answer gives you what to write.


So what are you going to do about your copy?  Perhaps save time and effort and let a copywriter deal with it.

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