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Welcome | Independent professional copywriter

Welcome to heavyweight copywriting by a skilled freelancer. My copywriter’s skill presents your product or service with greater interest, succinct style and persuasion to take action.  With over 30 years experience including national and international clients.  Take a look at About Me page which tells all.

As an independent  freelance copywriter there are specific tasks where I can improve your business:

  • Brochures
  • Press ads
  • Web site text
  • Press releases
  • Sales letters
  • News stories
  • Direct mail shots
  • Flyers and leaflets

Don’t get mad get even…

Doesn’t it make you furious that you could be making five times as much (or more) from your existing business – if only you knew how?  It would be unnatural if you said NO.  This is why you need an experienced freelance copywriter.  Your promotional material will then fulfill its job.

The ingredients for success are:

  1. An understanding of your business and appreciation of your targets.
  2. A vision of what your customer wants and why.
  3. Clear, persuasive, accurate writing which captures the imagination.

What is my copywriting formula for your success?

Most people, whatever their background and skill can produce the third item above – even if they struggle! Your Sales and Marketing team can do the first. But it is the ability to mix all three ingredients which shows a good copywriter. Sound professional advice to achieve a solution to your objective.  Copy needs to be engaging and targeted.  The psychology a copywriter uses persuades the customer that your product is ideal.

A good copywriter looks into your product from outside the box and probably highlights features which you may never have realised as important. It is interpreting your objective into captivating copy which a customer enjoys reading that becomes the persuasive ingredient. That is what I do.

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